Can I receive money on skrill without verification?


You can use the skrill account without completing the verification. It is not necessary to make the verification if skrill does not ask you to complete your profile. Thus you can send or receive money from an unverified account but it applied some transactional limit.

In general, the monthly transaction limit is around $175 but in some cases, it varies depends on the user account. To know your limit, you can just log in to your skrill cabinet and you will get the notice in your account dashboard.

We do not recommend anyone to use the skrill account before verifying it completely.

Please make sure that you have submitted all the necessary documents exactly. It is safer rather than use any non-verified account. Details information can be found on the Skrill Website –

If you want to know the detailed verification process, please refer to this article or You can watch the below tutorial for completing the account verification process.

– Video Tutorial –

You can also find the answers to the most common questions related to the wallet in our Skrill FAQ section and also find enough tutorials on our website’s Skrill segments.

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