How do you pay on skrill?


You can use your skrill wallet by spending money on any merchant that has been associated with skrill and accepts online payment by skrill. To do so, make sure your skill wallet has been filled with enough funds.

if your online merchant accepts skrill payment then click on the skrill logo and follow the onscreen process. You need to log in to your skrill account by using your registered email id and account password and then confirm the payment.

Detailed information can be found on the Skrill website –

If you have a skrill card then you can use it as a general prepaid card and use it for shopping where the master card is accepted for payment worldwide. Also, you can use this skrill card to withdraw funds from any Master Card accepted ATM in the world.

You can also find the answers to the most common questions related to the wallet in our Skrill FAQ section and also find enough tutorials on our website’s Skrill segments.

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