Is skrill free to use?


Skrill Account is totally free for individual usage. But one condition will apply, users need to login and transact at least a single time within 12 months period. Otherwise, an administrative fee will be applied and charged to you.

These administrative fees will be applied for various scenarios:

  • Provision of inaccurate or untruthful information and lack of cooperation fee (s. 4.5) up to EUR 150
  • Chargeback fee (s. 8.3) EUR 25 per chargeback.
  • Attempted cash upload fee (s. 8.12) EUR 10 per upload
  • Prohibited Transaction fees (s. 11) up to EUR 150 per instance.
  • Reversal of a wrong transaction fee (s. 12.7) up to EUR 25 per reversal attempt

Detailed information can be found on the Skrill official website

You can also find the answers to the most common questions related to the wallet in our Skrill FAQ section and also find enough tutorials on our website’s Skrill segments.

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