Is XM good for scalping?


Is XM good for scalping? – Scalping Trading is allowed in XM Broker. The broker does offer different accounts, especially their Ultra-Low Account is mainly designed for scalping trading.

The spread of this trading account is relatively low than other accounts. For Majors Currency Pairs, the spread starts from 0.06 pip. whereas other account spread starts from 1pip.

Lower spread is always effective for Scalper as they often take many entries on a daily basis. So, if the spread is lower then it would be more beneficial for any traders. XM Broker does offer several types of trading accounts. Here is a quick comparison of different accounts of this broker. To know more please have a look at XM Account Types.

Also, you can use Expert Advisors (EA) and robots for automatic trading without having any issues or problems. More information can be found on the broker official website –

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