Where can I use Skrill?


Skrill offers merchant payment services for online transactions. If any website or e-commerce site allows Skrill to transect payment then you can use it by sending payments to them.

In most cases, skrill is very much popular in sending payments for Online Casinos, Betting sites, Forex, and Binary trading Broker. If you want to invest in Forex Trading then Skrill will be the best option for investors and withdraw funds from the broker to your local bank account.

If you want to know detailed information about using skrill and its services we refer to read our Skrill Fund Transfer guide properly.

On the other hand, you can use the skrill card to any Master Card Supported ATM globally. You can use this skrill card just like your ordinary Prepaid Card and use it for regular online payments and POS Transactions worldwide.

Please be acknowledged, skrill does not offer its card service to everyone nowadays. Since 2018 they have restricted the card usage except for EU residence. You can find more information in this link ->

You can also find the answers to the most common questions related to the wallet in our Skrill FAQ section and also find enough tutorials on our website’s Skrill segments.

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