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XM Trading Platform
Last modified: November 14, 2021
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XM Trading Platform –  If you are trading with this broker or want to start trading then this broker offers different types of trading options based on your needs. It does not matter what type of device you are using. They offer different trading applications for you. We have listed all the direct links to these applications that you can download directly from the broker website.

Device Name Applications Link
For Windows PC/Laptop MT4 Terminal &
MT5 Terminal
For MAC MT4 Terminal &
MT5 Terminal
Smart Phone Application
Both (Android & IOS)
MT4 Terminal &
MT5 Terminal
Web Trading Terminal
Both (Windows & MAC)
MT4 Webtrader &
MT5 Webtrader

To use the XM Trading Platform you need to open a real or demo trading account. If you do not have a registered trading account, please visit the broker’s official website – www.xm.com or if want to know the detailed registration process then the XM Registration article may help you. We have added a video tutorial for your assistance. Please click the play button below.

Here is a quick Video Tutorial of MT4 Installation

Which One is BEST? 

Many people have a question about which terminal to use for trading. You can use MT4 or MT5 terminal to trade from the computer. XM Broker offers the convenience of using both platforms. So whatever you want to use, you have to open an account based on your preferred trading platform.

In general, if you choose to use the MT4 trading platform then you will need to register an MT4 real trading account. You can not use any MT4 Trading account to the MT5 Terminal.

However, if you want to register multiple trading accounts such as MT4 and MT5 then you will be allowed to use them.

XM Trading Terminal – Smart Devices

We discourage everyone from trading using phones or tablets or other smart devices. Because, if you start trading by using your phone, you do not understand the market chart completely.

If you want to trade professionally and in a good way, we recommend everyone use terminals PC Version instead of the smart devices.

Because the chart on the small screen is not visible enough and you will not be able to analyze it properly. A mobile trading platform is an option that you can use while on the go or for checking updates. Not for trading.

We have already discussed the details of the XM Trading Terminal. You can start real or practice trade using any platform that suits you.

If you want to know more regarding this broker, then please have a look at our Website’s XM Broker Section. Also, you can check our XM Broker FAQ to know the answers to the most common questions. If you have any feedback or questions regarding this article, please let us know in the comments box below. We will try to assist you.

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