How do I get XM no deposit bonus?


How do I get XM no deposit bonus? First of all, XM Broker does not offer any direct no Deposit Bonus to its clients. But in some cases, broker often launches such campaign for a specific group of clients and based on their Region. For example, if the broker designs any no deposit bonus campaign for Indonesian residents then only Indonesian can avail of such an offer.

We do not recommend anyone to start trading with any types of bonuses as using such bonus amounts will impose additional restrictions. If you want to start trading then bring your own money and beat the market.

So, this broker does not offer any regular basis no deposit bonus campaign for its clients but if such promos are applicable for your region then you will get the necessary info from the broker official website – or just login to your client cabinet 

But XM broker also offers some additional promos or campaigns that all of their clients can use but at first you have an account.

The account registration process is very easy and simple. Just browse to the broker official website and navigate to the “Open an Account” option and follow the onscreen instructions. If you face any difficulties then please have a look at our XM Account Registration guide for the detailed process.

Here we have listed some promos that broker offers currently to their clients globally.

20% Deposit Bonus

By using such a campaign you will get an additional amount after depositing in your real trading account. So, this type of bonus is called the Deposit Bonus. For example, if you deposit $100 in your trading account then the broker will add an additional $20 (20% of your investment).

This type of bonus amount will increase your overall trading balance and equity if you are not capable of investing larger funds. So, you can enroll in this campaign easily. To know more about this bonus offer please refer to this 20% Bonus article first and make sure you acknowledged the bonus terms completely.


Under this campaign, users can earn some additional funds by referring XM to their friends and family members. As per the campaign name, the more your share the more you can earn. Starting from $25 per referral and getting up to $35, depending on your status.

If you have mates and want to start trading then this campaign is for you. All new and existing clients can participate in this campaign.

The process is very simple, you need to open a trading account, and then you will get the unique referring link that you need to share with your friends and communities. To know more about this bonus offer please refer to this Refer a Friend article first and make sure you acknowledged the campaign terms completely.


Under this campaign, when you start trading with XM will automatically collect some points by placing any entry. These XM Points can be used in an exchange for cash after completing some milestone. You do not do anything else except for trading and such points will automatically be added to your trading account.

When your points meet some level then you can exchange with cash and that cash money is completely withdrawable from your trading account. To know more about this bonus offer please refer to this Loyalty Program article first and make sure you acknowledged the campaign terms completely.

XM VPS Promotion

In simple words, VPS means Virtual Private Server and it is often used for Web Applications and Hosting services. You may wonder why VPS is needed for trading? Well, it is essential nowadays for an uninterrupted connection between your PC to your trading terminal.

In most cases, your brokers trading server is far away from your region or location so, when you are trying to connect with your trading server this far distance makes a huge impact on your internet connection. You may often experience some connection drop problem between your terminal and trading server. It is normal but in the real-time market, it hampers price movements and often causes loss for you.

To resolve the situation, VPS is ideal and when you are using such an option your trading terminal is connected to a private server located nearest your region and your terminal will be always online remotely.

But it is costly and most of the brokers charge around $15-$30 extra per month. But XM is different! They offer FREE VPS service to all of their clients for a lifetime. Just you need to deposit $500 at a time in your trading account. No additional charges or fees will be applied or deducted from your trading account. always appreciates such initiatives from XM to their Clients and we do recommend using VPS for a stable connection. VPS helps a lot to prevent re-quotes and solve 99% of the terminal to trading server connection issues.

To know more about this bonus offer please refer to this XM Free VPS article first and make sure you acknowledged the campaign terms completely.

If you want to know more regarding this broker, then please have a look at our Website’s XM Broker Section. Also, you can check our XM Broker FAQ to know the answers to the most common questions. If you have any comments or questions regarding this article, please let us know in the comments box below. We will try to assist you.

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