What is XM Ultra Low Standard Account?


What is XM Ultra Low Standard Account? – XM Ultra-Low Trading account formerly known as Zero account is offered specially for scalpers. The main advantage of this trading account is its spread is relatively low compared to other available trading accounts.

Here is a quick snapshot of the XM Ultra Low Standard Account

Base CurrencyEUR, USD, GBP, AUD, ZAR, SGD
Contract Sizestandard Ultra: 1 Lot = 100,000
Leverage1:1 to 1:888
Spread on all majorsAs Low as 0.6 Pips
Maximum open/pending orders300 Positions
Minimum trade volumeStandard Ultra: 0.01 Lots
Micro Ultra: 0.1 Lots
Lot restrictionStandard Ultra: 50 Lots
Micro Ultra: 100 Lots
Minimum Deposit50$

How to Register XM Ultra Low Standard Account? The process is very easy and simple. Please visit the broker’s official Website – www.xm.com and please navigate to XM Ultra-Low Account and click the “Open An Account” button and follow the onscreen instructions. If you face any difficulties then please refer XM Registration article.

If you have already registered then please login to your client cabinet and you can register Ultra Low Trading Account from your Dashboard with a few simple clicks.

XM Ultra Low Standard Account is mainly for those who are interested in scalping. As the spread of this trading account is low so, scalpers take such advantages in their trading. Like other trading accounts, the ultra-low account offers commission-free and Swap-free trading.

If you want to cross-check other trading accounts of this broker and want to compare them side by side then you can check it from XM Trading Accounts.

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