Is Skrill secure?


Is Skrill secure? Yes! Skrill is one of the most secure and reliable online wallet services that provide money transection services to its clients. Skrill is based in the UK and operated by the Paysafe Group and Investcrop since 2001.

This wallet is strictly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and extending its service to over 120 countries and offer 40 currencies for different users. Skrill is offered a 3D layered Security system for its user and has built an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) based security solution that can automatically check the probable vulnerability of the user account.

Tough skrill offers an industry-leading security system but for account protection, users need to maintain some safety features. We have listed all of the security options that skrill offers. Please have a look-

Maintaining the security

Tough skrill offers the best security of your funds but you are the one who is very much responsible for maintaining the security of your wallet account. In order to do that you just need to comply with certain things that can be useful to enhance your account security. Please follow the below steps accordingly.

  1. Security Question: When you registered yourself, you have to set 3 sets of security questions of your own. These questions are important and the answers are known only by you and the Skrill. If your account has been compromised in any situation then you need to use those answers to keep your account safe and secure. These questions are used to verify the account ownership and if you face any trouble and want support then you have been asked to confirm the answers. Please keep the answers in a safe place that only you can access them. If you forget then our advice is to call the support hotline number and ask for the re-verification.
  2. Security PIN: This is also known as the transaction PIN. This pin is required while you are trying to make any transfers, log in to your account dashboard, and request a bank withdrawal. This PIN needs to be set up once you have registered for the first time. If you are unable to recall it, there is an option where you can restore it from your account dashboard. Please keep this PIN safe and do not share it with anyone else even the skrill support team will never ask you to resolve any support-related matters.
  3. Phone Verification: This is the simplest way to protect your account. When you have registered and verified your phone number, skrill will always send you an OTP (One Time PIN) to execute any financial request. Such as money transfer or bank withdrawal. Please make sure, you have verified your phone number already and if not, then, please set it up from your account dashboard.
  4. 2 Factor Authentication: This is the advanced protection system where you need to use the Google Authenticator App to sync with your wallet account. If you have enabled it then you do not need to use your Security PIN and Phone Verification system. This authenticator App will generate a passkey every 30 seconds and you need to use it while transferring funds or logging in or make the fund withdrawal request. This Authenticator app is available on both Android and IOS devices. For setup instructions please follow the security instruction on your account dashboard.
  5. Avoiding Public IP: Using skrill on a public network can be dangerous. We always advise using your Phone Data or your Home internet. It will secure the wallet encryption and your account will be safe and sound. Internet from any public spaces like Mall, Hotel, Park or Cafe will not give you the security and do not have the strong firewall protection that can easily be breached by hackers.

Recommendation: Hacking is a bad practice of some techy fellows and skrill are always trying to upgrade the security of their wallet but as a user, you need to maintain your own safety protocols as the keys always belong to you. By maintaining the above-mentioned tasks can easily upgrade your account security and you can enjoy a sound sleep or vacation without any issues. If you feel any issues related to the security, we always recommend reporting it immediately to the support center via their email or hotline channel.

You can also find the answers to the most common questions related to the wallet in our Skrill FAQ section and also find enough tutorials on our website’s Skrill segments.

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