Instaforex Client Cabinet

Instaforex Client Cabinet
Last modified: January 8, 2022
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Instaforex Client Cabinet – Instaforex is one of the most popular retail forex brokers since 2007. This Cyprus-based broker mainly gains its popularity for offering its best promotions and trading bonuses. Newbies can use these bonus offers for trading and they are offering a partial withdrawal of their given bonus. So, their popularity is increasing and almost 70% of the traders have already traded with this broker or at least have a trading account.

In today’s article, we will discuss some of the details of the Instaforex Client cabinet so that you can understand their trading features and what they actually offer for their clients. First of all, you need to register a trading account, if you do not have any.

Instaforex Client Area

Please visit the broker’s official website and signup for a trading account by using your email id and phone number. If you do not know how to complete the registration then please refer to the Instaforex Account Registration guide. This will help you to understand the whole registration process.

Next, you need to log in to your client area by using your already registered trading id and its password. Please remember one thing, to access your cabinet you need to use only your trading credentials instead of using your email id.

After logging into your client cabinet, a dashboard will appear where you can check all of your trading activities, perform account verification, financial operations, and other things.

Instaforex Account Dashboard

For a better understanding, we have divided Instaforex Client Cabinet into several parts. We will discuss all of these so that it can be easier for you to understand those specific operations.

(1) Trading Account Status

After login into your cabinet, at first, you will see the status of your real trading account which contains your Trading account balance, Margin, Equity, and Free Margin information. This information is really helpful to know the exact status of your trading account. You can then quickly deposit funds if it is required to prevent any stop-out situation.

(2) Account Summary

This portion is really useful and only instaforex is the broker who summarises all of your trading activities in real-time and shows it in front of you. This information is really helpful to understand the overall statistics of your trading account. It displays the overall trading volume, profit/loss amount, margin details, leverage ratio, and much more.

This helps you to keep track of all of your trading activities so that you can easily understand the risk ratio of your trading and also adjust your strategies if it is required. We expect all of the brokers to offer such features for their clients and as we said earlier, it is really helpful.

(3) Trading Account

If you navigate to the left side of your dashboard, you will find some menus and “Trading account” is one of them. in this section, you will get the details of your trading activities. Such as your running trades, closing trades, bonus statistics, trading calculator, balance chart, etc. All of your trading-related information appears in this section.

(4) Financial Operations

In this section, you will find all the transactions-related information. Such as deposit and withdrawals, transaction history, Payment notification, account operations report and etc. If you want to deposit or withdraw money then you need to use this section.

(5) Verification

In this verification tab, you will find the verification-related instructions and also submit your documents to complete this. Account verification is not mandatory but we strongly suggest you complete the verification process before real trading.

Also, if you plan to use bank cards to deposit funds, then you need to verify it in this section.

(6) Security

In this section, you can enable or disable your additional security layers such as SMS security and 2 step authentication. If you enable any of these features, you need to use an OTP every time you login into your trading account. It is recommended from our side because it applies additional security so that your cabinet information will not compromise and no one can perform anything except you.

These are the most common options that you can find in your Instaforex Client Cabinet. The broker also gives you the opportunity to design your own dashboard based on your personal preferences.

You will find some additional services that broker offers such as news, company services, messaging functions, and much more.


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