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Last modified: September 14, 2022
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Dear Trader,

Thanks for viewing this profile. Before subscribing to this signal you need to make sure, you have enough knowledge about trading and understand all the associated risks. It does not matter whether you are trading on your own or copying others, the risks remain the same in both cases.

About Myself

I am Rohan from Bangladesh. I started my career as an IT Personnel and switched to forex trading in 2015.

We all know, that forex trading is a riskier investment form. Even when I started my career as a trader I encountered a big loss because at that time I did not have any idea about Risk and Money Management. After the last couple of years, I have developed several trading strategies and implemented those in my real trading and got some unbelievable results.

I have started my trading journey as a professional in 2017 and since then I have been involved in several trading activities. Such as Technical Analyst, Trading Journal Writer, Signal Provider, and Training coach.

At the end of 2017, some of my best buddies formed a community called and which are very much popular among newbies and traders. Till then, my team is providing the best support regarding trading education, online training, Analytical help, and much more for our visitors.

My Trading Philosophy

We all know about the risk of forex trading. Trading is much risker than any other investment. Yes! It is true but trusts me, there is much scope that anyone can overcome such risks and can gain profit. My trading philosophy is simple and straightforward.

Not trying to catch profit in any situation but rather thinking about how to reduce the risk of losses.

Confusing right? Let me explain…

Trading is like a toss of a coin. There is always a chance of profit and relative losses of any single entry. In simple math 50-50% chance. We all know that. So, if we are expecting a $5 profit from any entry then there will be a high chance of losing the same amount if anything goes wrong!

My philosophy is to reduce the associated risk of losses. If I can manage to reduce the risk to 20%-30% then my profit chance will gradually increase to 80-70%.

Trading Goal

My trading goal is to earn at least a 20% return per month on my total investment but to be more specific I have divided this target into three different sections.

  • Daily basis
  • Weekly basis &,
  • Monthly basis
This will help me to achieve my milestones and keep me focused always. Also, checking the statistics help me to understand whether my strategies are working perfectly or not. So that I can adjust it accordingly.

My target is to get a 20% return on a monthly basis or 240% per annum. I know it is a bit low compared to other signal providers but I can ensure one thing, never losing my capital. I think it is the most important factor rather than earning a larger profit with a higher level of risk. You can also check all of my trading goals and milestones from my MyFXBook profile.

Subscription Requirements

Before subscribing to my signal, please make sure to keep in mind the following things. all of the mentioned things are necessary to achieve long-term benefits.

  • The target average signal return will be 240% per year. But deviations are possible, both up and down.
  • The expected drawdown is not more than 40%.
  • A minimum of $1500 is required to copy this signal otherwise the subscription fee will not cover, by your earnings.
  •  Your trading account leverage should be at least 1:200 and it can be capped at 1:400 maximum.
  • Your MT4/MT5 terminal should be operational 24/7 otherwise, you may lose your entries. It is recommended to use VPS. You can purchase it separately from the MQL5 community. You can also use Exness because they offer a Free VPS service for multiple accounts. Click this link to know more –
  • You need to use a reliable broker to get better results and your account lot should be standard like mine. If you are using a Mini lot or Micro lot broker then please avoid copying this signal.
  • Make sure your broker supports multiple trading assets and allows hedging and scalping at the same time.
  • Brokers like Instaforex, Roboforex, Superforex, Etoro, and WesternFX are not recommended.

Subscriber Responsibilities

As a signal subscriber, you have some responsibilities that you need to follow always.

Make sure, you have enough knowledge about trading and also understand all of the associated risks. It does not matter whether you are trading on your own or copying others, the risks remain the same in both cases.
  • Make sure you regularly withdraw money from your trading account. Do not ever try to extend your account balance by using your profit. It is not a good practice. I usually withdraw funds every week when my weekly target of around 200 pips has been met.
  • Please do not set any equity restrictions. My recommendation is to use all of your trading funds while subscribing to my signal. For example, If you have $3000 in your trading account and want to use $1500 from this account, my suggestion is to withdraw the rest of the amount and use the available $1500. It will then help you to keep your trading records and analyze the return statistics.
  • You have the right to cancel your subscription anytime but my suggestion is to
    renew the subscription for at least 3 months. It will increase your profit ratio along with your trading statistics. It is not possible to win every trade and met our target every month. Slight ups and downs may occur so better stay with us for a longer period.
  • Please do not subscribe to multiple signals at the same trading account. If you are using mine then please stay with it only. If you need to subscribe more then please use your other trading account.
  • You can always share your comments and feedback, offer suggestions, and ask questions. If you have anything in your mind then please feel free to share it with us. On the other hand, if you are not satisfied with our trading and signal statistics then our kind request is to contact us first before leaving any negative review on the signal page.
  • We always avoid trading on stocks, Cryptos, and Indicies. So please do not ask us to trade on those assets personally.

Trading Strategies

My trading strategies are simple and easy. I mainly follow market trends and observe the technical outlook of some of my preferred Currency pairs. I do not use any EA or Robot for my trading. also in some cases, I try to analyze the fundamental outlook of certain countries which may cause certain days to trade offline. That means you may see no update on trading.

Sometimes it is better to sit back and watch the market and Netflix rather than perform blindly.

On the other hand, you may observe multiple entries within a short time in the same currency pair. It happens because of market volatility and Price Actions. Let me explain-

Just imagine I have taken a long position on the EUR/USD pair and it does not follow my expectations in the shorter time period as a result, I have encountered some losses. then I may switch my strategies for the longer timeframe and take necessary actions. Such as-

  • Keep open my early loss entry, or
  • Closed positions with losses (amount does not matter), or
  • Place reverse entry by doubling the lot size (Higher risk to reduce existing loss), or
  • take another entry into the same positions by doubling the lot size. (Higher risk to gain early profit),
If you have seen such a trading pattern after subscribing, please do not worry. It is a part of my trading strategies and you do not need to cancel your long drive 🚗 because of PANIC. You can enjoy your vacation 😎 and my team will do the rest.👍

My goal is to keep my losses minimum and stay with the trend for a longer time frame because I believe “slow and steady always wins the race.” but if some risks are worth money then I will take them.

My trading strategies are mainly based on my own personal experience and knowledge.

If you are expecting any name like “A Trading System” or “B Trading System” then I am sorry for disappointing you. I believe in actions rather than naming or branding my strategies.

If any of my entries go wrong or against the market trend then I will adjust it accordingly depending on the market situation by taking multiple entries or closing them. It does not matter if I close this with some losses.

If you know the meaning of the word “Opportunity” then keep this in your mind “Opportunity never comes twice.” If I can find such an opportunity in trading then I will sometimes take some risks and place a slightly larger volume/ lot. So make sure not to worry about anything in your subscription period.

Copy Calculations

This is the most important and calculative part. Please make sure to read it carefully to understand the signal mechanism. First of all, please make sure your trading balance is the same as per our recommendation. Our recommended balance should be –

  1. If you are subscribing to our FXPedia (MT4) signal then your trading balance should be at least $2000 equivalent.
  2. If you are subscribing to our FXPedia Pro (MT5) signal then your trading balance should be at least $1000 equivalent.

Now here is the calculation that can give a clear view of your possible earnings and expenses. You need to spend $30 (subscription fee) + $15 (VPS) in total $45 per month. So you need to choose your preferred lot size carefully otherwise your expenses will not cover by your monthly earnings.

MT4 Signal: If you are subscribing to the MT4 signal then make sure your entry level is capped at least 0.07 standard lot. Our recommendation is to keep it 0.07 lot per entry exact.

Calculation: Our average monthly profitable pips target is 1500 at least. So, let’s do the math:

0.07 (lot) x 1500 (pips) = $105 (gain)
(-) monthly expense is $45. so the net profit will be $105-45 = $60

NB: this is an assumption only. The exact figure may be different based on our trading performance.

MT5 Signal: If you are subscribing to the MT5 signal then make sure your entry level is capped at least 0.03 standard lot. Our recommendation is to keep it 0.05 lot per entry exact.

Calculation: Our average monthly profitable pips target is 1500 at least. So, let’s do the math:

0.05 (lot) x 1500 (pips) = $75 (gain)
(-) monthly expense is $45. so the net profit will be $75-45 = $30

NB: this is an assumption only. The exact figure may be different based on our trading performance.

Please make sure to select your lot size precisely based on our recommendation. It will increase your profit ratio with a minimal amount of risk. Here are the details.

Your Balance MT4 Signal (Lot) MT5 Signal (Lot)
$1000+ 0.05 0.05
$1500 – $2000 0.10 0.07
$2000 – $3000 0.15 0.10
$3000 – $4000 0.20 0.15
$4000 – $5000 0.35 0.20
$5000 – $8000 0.40 0.25

***You can select any of your preferred lot ratios based on your personal preferences but my recommendation is to follow the above ratio. On the other hand, if you want to invest a larger amount of funds then please let us knock first to discuss your lot ratio. We may suggest you the best possible lot size based on your balance and trading preferences.***

Recommended Broker

You can copy our signal for any of your broker’s trading accounts. It does not matter which broker you are using for trading. Just make sure, your trading account lot size is standard and your broker supports both Hedge and Scalping.

We are trading with Exness broker for the last couple of years and our recommendation is to use the same broker to get the best possible results. This broker is not just trustworthy, they are fully regulated via top-rated agencies like FCA, CySEC, etc. Please visit the broker’s official website for more info and also check the exness sitemap to know more about their service areas. Here is the link – 

They are also offering Free VPS to their clients so that you do not need to spend any money monthly to rent it. You can easily avoid the VPS Fee. Click this link to know more –

If you want to know more about this broker, then please have a look at our Website’s Exness Broker Section. Also, you can check our Exness Broker FAQ to know the answers to the most common questions.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Right now we are providing two separate signals for both MT4 & MT5 terminal users. Our starting investment for the MT4 signal (FXPedia) was $500 and for the MT5 signal (FXPedia Pro) it was $100. The rest of the amount will be withdrawn regularly. We regularly withdraw funds from our trading account on a weekly and monthly basis.

We do not deposit funds regularly in our trading account. If we face any difficulties or sudden uncertainty then we may deposit funds and adjust our entries accordingly.

We do not use our profitable earnings for trading in any case and withdraw funds regularly from our trading accounts.

We only rely on trading and all of our expenses are covered by our monthly earnings so, it is important to perform consistently in profitable trading. So, withdrawals on a regular basis are essential for us. We regularly withdraw funds from our trading account on a weekly and monthly basis.
Our recommendation is, that you must withdraw your profit regularly. Extending the trading account balance by using profit is not a good practice. Because If you can manage to withdraw your investment (as profit) then it will be the most easier things to reduce the risk of losing capital (if any unwanted things happen).

If we are stuck in any uncertain situation that requires to deposit then we will deposit funds to overcome it and withdraw the extended amount when the situation becomes normal. If we need to do so, we will give you notice in advance so that you can arrange the same for your trading account. So, it is recommended to subscribe to our signal channel on telegram. We will always give advance notice in our channel so that you can be updated regarding our strategies and signal performance.

Signal Benefits

  • As you are subscribing to this signal all of the necessary trading execution will take place automatically. You just need to keep your terminal open or need to use VPS.
  • You will get an approximate 10-20% return per month with a very low draw-down ratio.
  • My monthly pips target is around 800 but it does not mean we can always meet the target.
  • According to the MQL5 Community guidelines, any return of more than 100% per month is treated as riskier and they often delete some of the trading statistics. So my suggestion is to check all of my trading performance directly from the myFxBook profile. Here is the link –
  • Please keep your subscription active for at least 3 consecutive months. It will help you to understand our trading mechanics and increase your profit ratio.
  • If you are not satisfied with our trading strategies and your subscription outcome then you can ask for a refund. You will get the full subscription fee as a refund. Just let us know and we will do the rest.

Support Touch Point

Me and my team are working 24/5 around the clock to increase our trading portfolios and always try to trade in the best possible conditions. So, if you want to share anything with us then you are always welcome to contact us any time via below support channels.

Good Luck!
[email protected]

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