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ICMarkets Broker – Many of us often want to know, would it be good to start a trade with a broker? Or say the name of a trusted and trusted broker who charges very little spread. Everyone wants to know about this type of broker. Because it is not possible to know exactly what a broker does without trading in a new or a broker. And as a new trader, it is almost impossible to choose a broker and verify it. I have already discussed with you, several brokers. We have tried to bring you their services, support, and more relevant issues. In today’s article, we will talk about ICMarkets Broker. I’ll try to know how to trade this broker, their regulation, quality of service, support system, deposit process, withdrawal process and more. In short, I will try to present all the information about this broker to you so that you can get a detailed idea of ​​whether this broker is good or bad for you. So let’s get started.

Some information about ICMarkets Broker –

IC Markets is well known in the Forex world, but we have no such popularity in Bangladesh. Because the amount of initial deposit in this broker is a little higher than other brokers, most traders in our country are reluctant to start trading in this broker. However, for those traders who are looking for advanced level trading, there is nothing better than ICMarkets Broker. In today’s article, we will talk about these issues in more detail.

ICMarkets Broker Regulations –

One of the main conditions for finding a good broker is regulation. That is, the broker is detailed information about which country is regulated and controlled by a regulatory body. You must check when you register an account with a broker, whether the broker is properly regulated and if its regulation is country-specific information. ICMarkets Broker is far more reliable and reliable than other brokers.

ICMarkets Broker is controlled and operated by the Australian Security Exchange Commission. The headquarters of this broker is Australia, which is authorized and controlled by the central bank.

ASIC = License number 335692

Regulated through the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act (ASIC Act). It is the Australian Regulatory Commission that controls the activities of a broker. That is, by regulation, this broker is completely safe and you can start the real trade with this broker without fear.

IC Markets Broker Deposit and Withdrawal –

Brokers have different types of funds for deposits or withdrawals which vary across countries. That is, this broker from Bangladesh offers the benefit of depositing funds in various ways.

This broker offers the advantage of using multiple payment mediums for fund deposits or investments. That is, you can easily deposit funds from banks, credit cards, online payment systems, account to account transfer. However, we suggest that Neteller and Skrill are the easiest way to deposit funds in a broker. Because there is no facility to deposit funds directly from a bank or credit card from Bangladesh. Which is why these two are the most popular means of depositing funds in a broker from Bangladesh. You can get the benefit of depositing funds using any one of them if you wish. Or you can deposit funds using two mediums if you want. But in this case, be aware that the way you deposit funds, you must use the same means when raising funds. If you have deposited the funds through two means, then you have to use two mediums for withdrawal.

ICMarkets Broker Account Registration –

We have already presented some important information about this broker and hope that this information will help you in selecting the broker. Now is the time to register an account with this broker, that is, to give you an idea of how to open an account in this broker. To register an account please visit the broker’s official website www.icmarkets.com and follow the instructions. Or click on the image below.



Hopefully, you understand correctly about the whole process of registering an account. If you still encounter any problems creating an account, please let us know by email or phone. We will try to help you properly.

ICMarkets Broker Account Verification –

After registering a trading account, you must first fully verify it. Account verification is mandatory at IC Market Broker. That is, you cannot start trading without verification. The process of account verification is very simple but still many people ask us different questions.

You will need to submit two information to verify the account –

  • To verify your identity, your NID / Passport / Driving License and,
  • To verify the address, a copy of your bank statement.

Note: Status will be emailed to you within 24 hours of submitting the information correctly. If for any reason your information is considered invalid, the information will be provided via email. Please read the ICMarkets Verification article for details on the verification process.

ICMarkets Broker Trading Account Type –

ICMarkets Broker is basically the standard lot’s broker. For those who are not familiar with the term lot, let me simply say, accepting entry into the trade at this broker will result in a profit or loss of $ 10 as peeps for each lot’s entry. On the other hand, the broker of the mini lot, the profit or loss will be equal to $ 1 per movement of pips for entry of 1 lot.

So, surely, the profit and loss of both brokers in this broker is much larger than other brokers. For this reason, this broker is for those who want to trade at the professional level. Also, this broker offers ECN, Standard, and Islamic (Swap Free) account registration as per the user’s convenience. Where the spread starts at 0.0.

ICMarkets Broker Support System –

This broker has a very powerful support system for providing any kind of trading support or complaint through which you can get services from the broker as per your requirement. They have 24/5 live chat, email, and phone support. So, at IC Market Broker, if you need any trading assistance you can contact them or inform us via email or message. We will endeavor to assist in all manner of the broker.

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