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Many people ask us about different Forex brokers at different times and ask them to provide different reviews. Due to the shortage of time and the number of brokers, it is not always easy to provide all broker reviews or answers. Still, we are trying to introduce you to some of the most popular brokers and their services. We have already introduced you to several brokers such as Instaforex, Exness, WesternFX, FBS. Let me introduce you to another popular OctaFX Broker in today’s article.

Why is Broker Selection Important?

As important as it is for a trader to do a good analysis, it is also very important to choose a good broker. It is much more difficult to choose a good broker as a new trader because you will learn the trade in the new situation or look for a good broker?

We are trying to tell you about some good brokers so that you do not have any problem choosing your broker. Let’s not know the details about OctaFX Broker.


OctaFX Broker has long been popular with Bangladeshi traders. You must select this broker to trade. This broker is gaining more popularity in our country due to its reliability and client support.

Also, this broker supports local deposits which are the main reason for its popularity. That is, you can deposit money directly through your local bank. If you have a DBBL or a CityBank account, you can deposit any amount directly into your trading account. You do not have to exchange any dollars for deposits.

Nevertheless, we recommend using Neteller or Skrill to deposit money into a trading account. Because these two mediums are often safe and reliable.

OctaFX Broker’s Payment Facility

For Bangladeshi traders, this broker offers the convenience of depositing money directly through the local bank. However, one condition is that you have to deposit a minimum of $ 500 equivalent. Within 7 minutes of depositing money from your local bank account, the money will reach the trading account.

Also, you can deposit money through Neteller or Skrill, but you can deposit a minimum amount of $ 50 and withdraw the equivalent of a minimum of $ 5.

OctaFX Broker offers the ability to automatically deposit and withdraw funds. That is, as soon as you deposit the money, your money will be credited to your trading account and you will receive the same rules as you withdraw. Visit www.octafx.com to find out the full payment.

Some of the main features:

  • Local Payment System – I have shared with you at the beginning the main reason for this broker’s popularity. Like other brokers, OctaFX Broker supports a local payment system for depositing or withdrawing money through which you can deposit money in a trading account at a minimum.
  • Deposit system in various ways – This broker has the advantage of depositing money through various means for the benefit of their clients. For example, Neteller, Skrill, local banks, and many other media. However, we will provide suggestions for depositing funds from Bangladesh, Neteller, and Skrill.
  • Trading Platform – This broker supports various trading platforms for trading at the convenience of the customer. For example, MT4, cTrader platform, Android Terminal, and iPhone Terminal. You will have the opportunity to trade here using any platform.
  • Client Support – OctaFX has released its official website in around 5 languages ​​to provide their client support and they provide support in about 5 languages. That is, for Bangladeshi traders, this broker provides their full support in Bengali. So that you can easily understand. 24/5 You can receive support in the Bengali language from Monday to Friday of the week. This broker provides customer support through live chat, email, phone, or support ticket.
  • Leverage – This broker allows you to trade at maximum leverage over account differentiation. There is no additional obligation. However, keep in mind that the trade of excess leverage is risky. If you would like to know more about this, read our Leverage article.
  • Various Bonuses and Offers – To help the customer, this broker offers several bonuses offers that you can use to increase the balance of your trading account. The biggest advantage is that you can also lift the bonus if you want to earn a bonus. However, some conditions will be added. For example, on the occasion of Holy Ramadan, the broker is offering a 5% bonus on the deposit and you can withdraw the money if you wish. Details – Bonus 100%.
  • Account Security – This broker offers the benefit of depositing money into Segregated accounts or different accounts to protect the money deposited in the user’s account. That is, if the company is harmed for any reason, then your money will be protected. A detailed article on this will be published shortly.

Details about the Regulation:

The OctaFX broker has started its journey for over 25 years and has a daily trading volume of over 110 Billion USD. At the same time, their number of new accounts is about 15,000 per month. Then you understand what its popularity is! In order to gain a trader’s credibility, this broker has the regulation of some international financial institutions.

  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) – OctaFX is regulated by the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), one of the strictest forms of regulation in the Forex industry. The company is registered in 2011 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under license number 19776 IBC 2011 and is fully compliant with international financial regulatory standards.

Note: We received a complaint regarding this broker’s FCA regulation. The broker has already been contacted in this regard. We hope to be able to provide a piece of complete information about this soon.

How to open an account?

Unlike other brokers, opening an account in this broker is very easy. With a bit of information, you can open a trading account in OctaFX Broker in a very short time.

After clicking on the image a new page will appear in front of you. There, enter your email, full name, trading password, and click on the “Open Account” button. Then provide the information as per the instructions. Your account will be open.

Note – At the time of opening the account, you must provide the correct full name (NID / Passport) and the information provided by your address. These factors will be required to verify your account later.

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